The Greenwich Social Food Hall


The Greenwich Social is a new approach to the traditional New York style of food-hall dining. We worked alongside the owners of TGS to create a unique, inclusive, and bold brand as well as a distinctive and engaging environment for their restaurant located in Greenwich Village, NYC. We designed all digital and print materials for TGS, from logo design, business card design, website design and configuration, to print materials and merch. As a new business, the owners were keen on creating a strong brand that connected with their target consumer- a typical 'New Yorker'. So, our mission was to design all materials with a consistent feel and aesthetic that embodied the diversity and culture that New York exudes. We carried this same mission throughout the entire project and incorporated it into the mural and wall art that we handpainted throughout the 5,000 square foot restaurant, which creates a vibrant and different ambiance in comparison to other typical NYC food halls.