Brisk Bodega

We've been a part of the Brisk Bodega platform for Pepsi Co since its launch in 2011. Inspired by your local bodega, the first location started as a bland 5k square foot venue which we transformed to created an entirely new atmosphere and neighborhood vibe. One of the key components was an area in the back of the venue, where we customized the interior to create an authentic Shady Museum. The museum was composed of various articles and materials, including all of the record labels (Shady Records) most valuable items. 

We then partnered with the Star Wars franchise and turned the event space into a Cantina that provided a 'straight out of the movies' experience. The space also had an art show, which featured two custom illustration pieces. For the last Brisk Bodega, we went back to our New York roots and created a 40-foot wheat paste mural.